David with his Mbira Hello My Good Friends!!

Thank you for visiting my website! There will be frequent photo, news and concert schedule updates, so feel free to come back and visit me as often as you'd like. I'd love to hear news from you-- you can reach me directly via the CONTACTS page.

A very special thanks to Lee Savory for all of his hard work in designing this site!

You can find my current concert schedule from the concert dates page. The page you're on now (NEWS) will be for special news and engagements coming up during the next year. To hear music samples, check out the DISCOGRAPHY page, my favorite page designed by Lee Savory! Just click on the CD cover and watch it open, then click on the song of your choice-- press either hi, low, or mono.

Thank you for keeping creative music alive by supporting it in anyway you can!

Peace, Love and Joy,

David Gweshe

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